Friday, August 2, 2013


First of all, I wanted to say how very sorry I am for being so late to the party! 
I have been hearing all the raves about Miss Vanessa's Mad Tea Party this year, and I hadn't remembered until recently that it was coming back around until it had already passed :-(
However I DID still want to take part in all the fun, as I had attended a few years ago, and met so many lovely people in the process! So IF you will accept my tea party post despite my tardiness, I apologize for being such a white rabbit about the whole thing!  Coincidentally enough, I had just done this tea party post in celebration of a very special occasion, so whilst highlighting that joyous event, I thought it would also be a great post for Miss Vanessa's Mad Tea Party as well. Again, sorry for being so late to this very important date, but I hope you enjoy this post nonetheless :-)
Miss Justina 

So almost magically simultaneously,  I have made it to 
100 FACEBOOK LIKES and have also reached my 100th POST HERE ON BLOGSPOT!!
I feel like just yesterday, I made the decision to post my arts, crafts, recipes, and magickal ideas on here for the world to see, and in the process I have met some AMAZING women who do the same things as me! 

In celebration, I thought I would share a magickal little recipe for you all....

Homemade Butterscotch Morsel 
and Walnut Banana Bread
With Homemade Iced Chai Tea Elixir

So my mom has been making this banana bread recipe since I was very little and it's always fun to try different versions of it with different little surprises added inside.  You can pretty much add anything you want to the batter, but today I decided to try out some butterscotch morsels with walnuts... I also had dried cranberries on hand, but wasn't sure if that would be overkill... Maybe next time!

So my mother brought to my attention that the bananas were starting to go bad, which is the BEST time to make banana bread!! She wanted to make it, but she was busy with some other things, so she asked me to.  

So I whipped out her handy dandy recipe!

Once I got all of my ingredients together  I preheated my oven to 350 Degrees and then
I added the dry ones first to a large mixing bowl.

1 3/4 cups of all purpose flour
2/3 cup sugar
1 teaspoon double acting baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Next add 1/2 cup of shortening, or you can use butter or margarine
I actually used Earth Balance Vegan Butter and it worked just as well!
I also used the same thing to grease my pan.

Here in this step you want to cut the butter or shortening into your dry ingredients with 2 knives, scissor style, OR you can do what I did and mash it all together with your hands... 
(Make sure you take off your rings and your hands are clean ;-) !  )

Mash it together until you get these coarse crumbs!

Next mash up your 2 overly riped nanners, and lightly beat 2 eggs!

Add that to your crumbly dry mixture along with a half a cup of your butterscotch morsels
and a half a cup of your crushed walnuts!

Fold all of that into your batter with a spatula!

Now grease your bread pan, and pour your batter into it.

Pop that baby in the oven and set your timer to 55 minutes to 1 hour !

Before our next recipe, let's take a much needed and well deserved break! 
Time to LICK THE BOWL!!! :-X
(That part always makes me still feel like a little girl!)

While that is in the oven it is time to get started on our magickal refreshing Chai Tea Elixir! 
This is great to drink on the side with your banana bread!

Chai Tea Elixir

First bring a pot of water to a boil...

Once that is boiled, turn off the heat and get out 2 teabgs, 
I love this Organic Tazo Chai, but you can use any brand of Chai that you wish...

Put the 2 tea bags in your pot of HOT water and let that steep...
You might want to wrap the tea bag's string around the pot handle to prevent the whole thing from falling into the water.  Careful to not burn yourself doing this though!!

Also while your teabags are steeping, and while your water is HOT, now add your sugar and stir so it dissolves into your water.  You can add sugar to taste, less if you don't like it as sweet, or more if you love a sweet chai like myself :-) 

While your tea is steeping, check on your banana bread! 
Stick a toothpick or fork in the center, and if you have raw batter come out onto the fork, then let it bake a bit more! 
Mine was actually still a bit uncooked in the center after a full hour! 
I think I added an extra 10 minutes, and again it was still uncooked.
Finally after adding another 15, it was baked all the way through! 

Time to take out our BANANA BREAD!
Let that cool on your stovetop now, 
and go check on your chai tea...

Once your tea is lukewarm on the stove, now it is time to 
pour it into a pitcher, add a handful of ice,
 and also some milk to taste.
Add more if you like your tea lighter, less if you love a dark tea.
I love my chai milky so i added a lot of milk!

Put that in the fridge to chill it for a bit until you are ready to serve!

While your bread is cooling, and your tea is chilling, there are a few things I want to show you!

I bought some new books!! 
I had a some money on a gift card that I had been saving for a special occasion!
Well I had just finished reading Garden Spells 
by Sarah Addison Allen....
And I was really craving more of her magical stories, so I had set out to find some more of her work...

I picked up The Girl Who Chased the Moon
and The Sugar Queen by her!!!
Aren't these beautiful!! I can't wait to devour their magical pages!

Aside from the Sarah Addison Allen Books, I also stumbled upon a beautiful bright pink leather bound book called 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Other Stories.
I thought the cover was so enchanting with it's filigreed and cartoony cover with golden accents...

The inside covers are beautifully illustrated and the pages were gold dipped...
The book also includes a silk book mark sewed into the binding and the pages themselves include the original illustrations
 by Sir John Tenniel ...

The back cover has the Mad Hatter on it, which I loved as well!! 
I cannot wait to read these amazing works!! 

I thought the book was so beautiful and I just had to add it to my collection!
I really wanted to share it with you all :-)

O would you look at that!!
Our bread is cooled and our chai tea latte is chilled!!

Would you like a slice or two??

Don't forget to have some iced chai tea latte!!
It is sure to keep you cool on this

I think I have decided which book I want to start with ...


Now excuse me while I cozy up in a cushiony chair under the shaded pergola and devour my tasty afternoon sweet treats and my magical book!

Thank you all for reading my blog throughout the years..
Here's to another 100 posts!!



Dena Miller said...

My oh My...the bread and the chai tea look so amazing!!!! I love both and drink my Chai tea exactly like you♥ I also adore the new books to your collection...everyone of them! The Alice in Wonderland leather bound is truly a treasure indeed!! Golden edged pages and leather binding will be very enchanting on your Magical bookcase.
Congrats on you 100th post!
Love You!!!

Justina said...

Thank You Dena! Thanks for stopping by, Yes I was actually just watching your tea party post from Miss Vanessa's tea party , and you are definitely right about that, we drink our teas very similarly!

I absolutely ADORE my new Alice book and I can't wait to tackle such a challenge... I don't think I've ever read a book THAT big before!! Maybe one chapter a night! LOL It definitely has it's home on my magical bookcase now, next to some other Alice memorabilia.... You can find the book on Amazon for cheaper than $20 which is what I ended up paying for it right in the store (but it's totally worth every cent!) ... It truly is a treasure, so glad I found it!

Hugs <3

Lynda Shoup said...

Love your tea party! Your sparkly photos made me want to make both the banana bread and the chai.

The pink Alice book is too sweet for words. I can see why you snapped it up. I'm thinking about making room on my shelf for a copy.

Thanks for inviting me to your tea party. I enjoyed it very much.

Justina said...

Thank You Lynda, so glad you stopped by!! Try out the recipes, and let me know how you like them! :-)


Ricki Treleaven said...


Thank-you so much for attending my Mad Tea Party! Better late than never, and I must say that your party is so charming. The banana bread looks so yummy. I want two pieces, please!

Congrats on your posts and followers. The Sugar Queen is my very favorite Sarah Addison Allen book. I love them all, but the Sugar Queen has my favorite characters in it, especially Chloe.

Have a blessed Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Justina, How delightful you are!!! So glad you stopped by with your lovely comments, and oh... that banana bread!!!! so yummy! Love the books as well, How I will meet you again, take care for now, Celeste

Kayesi @ said...

Very delish looking recipe. Thank you for it and for your lovely visit.

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