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"Wow Wow Weddings!" 

I started this page after realizing just how many weddings I have been to over the past couple years... I think it's around the 7 or 8 mark which is A LOT!! Yikes!! 

I wanted to showcase some of the different ways people display their love for one another on their special day.  All of the weddings that I cover in my blog posts are of close friends and family.

If you would like to join in on the fun, please take the button above and post on your sidebar linking it back to this page! 

Make sure you add the button in your actual post as well, at the top of your post before you start it...

Also please make sure that somewhere in the title of your blog post you add "Wow Wow Weddings!" Post.

Then start your posting! You may post about a series of weddings you have been to in the past year or so, or even if you've only been to a couple, or a few.  Or if you haven't been to any recently, do a post about the most memorable one you have ever been to, and what made it so memorable? Was it the dress the bride wore, or the decor in the reception hall?  Was it over the top and crazy!? Or was it low key and simple? Was there non stop dancing? Who caught the bouquet!?! How elegant were the table settings, and what was the menu like? Do you have pictures of the special day to tell a story? Add them to your post for extra color!! 

Do what you like in your posts! We'd love to hear about some of the different styles of weddings people have!

Every time you make a "Wow Wow Weddings!" post, feel free to add your post links to the comments section of this page. Also please feel free to visit the other posts that you find in the comments section and leave comments on other people's posts as well! 

Also there is NO DUE DATE...

This is more of an ongoing thing...

oh and one more thing...


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