Friday, June 24, 2011

Bela : L'Homme Chat

This video really interested me for some reason... Maybe it's the dedication of being a performer, or the way it's filmed. I saw it on the front page of Vimeo, and it just captivated me...

Bela: L'Homme Chat from Paul Trillo on Vimeo.

Long time no see!!

Hello Lovelies!

I know it's been awhile... but it's been gloomy for a few days here in NJ, and I'm not going to lie. It has put me in an especially witchy mood :-) I'm in the mood to light candles , light some incense, put on some faerie piano cascades, and do some mixed media , or something :-)

Today is Friday , I have the rest of the afternoon off ... so I'll probably do just that !! Stay tuned ... who knows, what kind of masterpiece I'll come up with to post later on ....

For now , I leave you with this ... I recently decided to dye my hair Magenta :-)
Hope you like !