Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bohemian Originals

I just wanted to share with you, the work that I have done on my closet/studio. I use this room to paint, draw, do crafts, sew, write music, apply makeup and do my is my all purpose room, and I love it I figured I'd design it to my tastes so I have something enjoyable to look at, since I do spend most of my time in this little room....

This is the back wall


Here it is a bit closer up so you can see the detail:


Here is my is kinda messy right now :-\....but you can see how I collaged around the mirror. I used the work of Bohemiart, Jill is a good online artist friend of mine on Deviant Art. I love her work very much ! :-D


Thank you to my friend Ross who helped me grid out the diamonds. I painted the whole design in Acrylic paints, and the red in the background is Wall House paint...