Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon! Hosted by Frosted Petunias

Hey lovelies!!

I almost thought I wouldn't make this one, with all of my real life Halloween Party/Costume prep, since I am making my WHOLE costume from scratch this year! It is so much work, but will look so amazing once I am actually able to wear all of it !?!? AAHH! I am so excited, I cannot contain it , at all !!

It does kinda suck though , because I am sick at the moment. I think I have come down with an Upper Respiratory Infection, I am so prone to these , I hate it !! So I had to really pull every last bit of myself together, to get these pics done... At least once that part was done, I got to lay in bed on my laptop as I edited :-) ... I did not want to let Miss Anna down!!

If you have not already, please visit Miss Anna's blog, she is so creative and talented, and it seems like she is such an awesome multitasker!

Frosted Petunias Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon

And now , without further adieu, I bring you La Boheme Magique's Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon!!

There once was a little mouse named Penelope Mouskewitch, and Oh! How she LOVED Halloween! This year she decided to have a tea party and have all of her friend's over to celebrate! But wait! She needed a costume! What was a mouse to wear? So she scratched her little noggin, and scratched it some more, and decided to sit down at her antique sewing machine, and make the first thing that popped into her mind !


Once she started sewing, she couldn't stop! And time ticked away! The party was only in an hour! And she still had to do her witching hour spell, and take her Pumpkin Cream Puffs out of the oven before they burned!!


She headed over to her pantry, where she collected ingredients to whip up a special concoction!


She also sought to her Voodoo magick alter, adorned with idols and statues of magic wizards, china dolls, potion bottles, and a voodoo worry doll!


Alas! She had found the perfect spell!!

When the white dog is out
And trots all about
Under the clouds
That are over the Moon,
And the hag with her broom
Rides high on the wind,
And the cat on the fence
Spits even at friends,
Then it is right
To conjure a light
Against every Spirit
That shadows the night.
Thus Say:

Let the pumpkin's
Candle glare
Into darkness
Burn all evil
From the air!

When it is dark
And the black trees roar,
Set Jack'o'Lantern
To watch by the door...

She poured her contents into her magickal black cast iron cauldron, and this amazing light had emerged from it! You could feel the electricity running through the room, charging the evening with the magic spirits!


She then smelled something! OH NO!! THE PUMPKIN CREAM PUFFS! She ran to the kitchen and thew open the oven door...


Phew ! Just in time! As the oven door swung open , the Pumpkin Cream Puffs filled the room with such a magical aroma !! Just then the doorbell rang! She had gotten everything done , just in time ! She quickly changed into her homemade costume, and raced to the door!

Her first guest was her dear friend Marvin...
He was a martian, and always hated that everyone got him confused with the character from Looney Toons!! He went to the party as himself, because everyone is always scared of him anyway !


The next guest was Penelope's dear friend Fiona. Fiona had come dressed as a house maid!


The doorbell rang again, and to Penelope's surprise, it was her fun friends Heckyll, Jekyll and Bob! Heckyll decided to be a Clown, Jeckyll decided to be count Dracula, and Bob was dressed as a scary monster dragon!


The doorbell rang once more! It was the trolls from down the mushroom patch ! Higgle, Hoggle, and Gorny!


So all of the guests have arrived!! They all crowded around the dining room table, amongst the Halloween Decor that magically put itself up during Penelope's Magic Spell!

They dined on Pumpkin Creampuffs, cheese and crackers, pumpkin spiced tea, apple cider, and caramel apples! They had delcious conversation , and everyone enjoyed themselves so much! The clock struck 12, and everyone was so pooped from all the ghoulish delightful fun! So they decided to call it a night...


Once everyone had shuffled out, Penelope swept the floor and thought to herself "My , I have such wonderful friends!"


She then went to bed and had dreams of the full Halloween moon...

What a fantastic Halloween it was !


I hope you enjoyed my post... Thank you Anna for hosting such a magical fun filled party !!

Tricks and Treats,


Monday, October 18, 2010

Spooky Monday #7

Hello Lovelies!!

First of all, If you haven't already, please visit the lovely Wendy's Blog and her Adventure's in Wonderland ! She is the genius behind the Spooky Monday event that has been going on the past month or so, and she has given me such an incentive to actually be inspired by my favorite time of year! So please give her blog a visit when you can!

Practical Magic Blog Party

I am so sorry I am a little late on my Spooky Monday post today, but trust me , it was well worth the wait, because I have some lovely treats for you today :-)

I did some more shopping, and decorating!! I hit up Party City last Friday for some glittery creepy cutouts to give my kitchen an extra spooky flair this year !!


I also decided to do the chandelier again, it was a real hit last year! All that I did, was wrap some scrap black fabric netting around it, and held in place with some black twist ties... This year I added a bit more to it! I threaded some dangly spider rings and hung from the arms of the chandelier.


I then added some cute stuffed pumpkin and black cat ornaments , and completed the netting with spooky glittery spiders from Party City...


I gave my Bailey's, Averno, and blank wine bottle a ghoulish makeover with these labels, I also bought from Party City!


What do you know! It's time for lunch!! How bout a nice bowl of Witch's Stew (homemade chickarina soup, courtesy of my dad) , with a Tim Burton inspired whimsical swirly iron spoon!
Oh boy, I'm sure getting thirsty! How bout some vampire's blood on ice , in my brand new Sandra Magsamen Kitty Kat mug I purchased at Walmart at the regular price of $5.00!! What a steal ! They also had witches and pumpkins! So hurry and get your Sandra Magsamen Halloween mugs before the season is over ! On the back it says "Eat, Drink, and Be Scary" teehee! :-) They all said different things ...


So today was a very Spooky Day at school... I probably have never mentioned this before, but I am a pre school music teacher. So today with my kids, I did a bunch of Halloween activities. We counted Pumpkins, and Bats, and we also sang a little song about the fall leaves :

"Little Leaves"
(sung to the tune of "London Bridge")

Little leaves fall gently down
gently down , gently down
Little leaves fall gently down
Red, Yellow, Orange & Brown
Whirling whirling all around
All around, all around
Whirling Whirling all around
Quietly without a sound...
Falling softly to the ground
To the ground, to the ground
Falling softly to the ground
Down, down , down...

We also sang a song "Itty Bitty Bat" written by my company Sing a Song, which is really cute
too! We also played "Pass the Pumpkin", kinda like Hot Potato, but instead of being out when the music stops , I reward every kiddie a Halloween Sticker !!


Check out this adorable roll of 228 Halloween stickers I bought from Target for $1.99!!
Oh and by the way , check out my Jack & Sally shirt :-) , they're my fave !!


So after my class today, I decided to take a mini detour to Target because I was on the hunt for some Pumpkin Spice tea... Well I didn't find Pumpkin Spice tea... But I DID find an amazing new discovery!!

Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle !! OMG !!! It is sooooo yummy!! They come in these little clear pyramid cloth tea bags, and you can see the small caramel shavings in the bags , which melt when you pour in the hot water! Add a splash of milk , and a dollop of sugar for the best taste!! It is also good over ice :-)

I also bought a really cute dress from Xhiliration, it is black , with grey lace straps and grey lace design on the front... I will post some pics when I feel like trying it on to model it :-)

Well in closing, I leave you with what I had started watching lastnight, and I will try to finish tonight! Here's to Elvira, and the amazing 80s !

Well my little witches, I am so sorry for my tardiness once again, but I hope you enjoyed my Monday Tricks and Treats :-) Goodnight my little ghouls !!

Tricks and Treats,


P.S. I SOOOO want Elvira's Punk Rock Poodle!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Party! Hosted by A Fanciful Twist!

Practical Magic Blog Party

Hello Lovelies ! First of all, if you haven't already checked out all of the other lovely posts, please visit Vanessa's lovely page HERE !!

Now on to my party !! Since I am still in the middle of my party prep for this year ( My real life Halloween party will be held October 30) , I decided for my party dedicated to A Fanciful Twist, I will post my party pictures from last year.

Come in!!! We welcome you to the Splended Spooktacular!! Don't mind that shadow in the doorway, he's just our Butler , Mr. Fun Ghoul

Last year Avi and I decided on being the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts... His version of the Mad Hatter was inspired from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, while my Queen of Hearts was more obscure and randomly conjured up. I even made the crown from scratch out of floral wire, felt and lace, and hot glue...

At our party, we had an assortment of spooky foods !!

Avi made his lovely eyeball caprese out of tomato slices with mozzarella balls and olives...

I made my famous "Deviled Eggs" with little triangular red pepper slices to act as devil horns...

Here is my mom's famous "Intestine of Goat" pasta salad with curly pasta , cherried tomatoes, and broccoli...

Here the Fun Ghouls pass around some more spooky h'orderves

Here is Aunt Fifi's famous Boo Punch !!

Mummy Dogs anyone? Avi worked so hard on making them !

My mom's famous Graveyard Special (bean dip) , and my Brain's Patte (Shrimp Dip)

The Fun Ghouls drink some "True Blood"

Some Ghouls have fun !

Some Witches conjure up a wicked spell !!

Bobbing for Apples Time !!


A Justina imposter poses with the Fun Ghouls

We hope you had fun! But it is almost daylight and the ghouls must retire !

We hope you had a spooktacular time!!

Here is a video of some live footage !

Well that is all I have for you right now, my lovely little ghouls !!

Tricks and Treats !