Monday, January 3, 2011

Pink Kisses - Get over that shitty ex bf with a little help from these gals, and your friends :-D

Hey Lovelies, and Ladies,

UPDATE AS OF 2/16/14

Yea yea, I know ... I've been SO MIA , but the holidays have consumed me!! First it was my birthday, then Christmas, then a snow storm, then consoling a friend through a tough breakup, then New Years! One after the other , bang bang bang... It was a blast, but boy am I glad it's over so then I can get on with my priorities, and do what I need to do to start this new year off the right way!

I am working right now to edit a lot of photos so you can oogle at all of the fun I've been having the past month or so... But in the meantime I wanted to share with you , a few fun finds!

The past week or so my dear friend Marie, has gone through a bad breakup. So I have been doing what I can to help get her through this tough time. Low and behold as I was indulging in my daily facebook addiction, when one of those little sidebar ads , finally came in handy!

It said something along the lines of "Help your friend get through a breakup" ... so I thought it was quite coincidental. I didn't even hesitate to click this ad, and it brought me to this fun little page:


our mission

"To help women forget their ex and find their inner badass. We offer goodies to make you smile (like our “kiss him goodbye” virtual gift where you upload a photo of your ex and watch it burn) & others to help you get real, get over it and – if you feel like it – reinvent yourself (like our Betty Action Plan, with daily steps emailed your way). We want to change women’s lives by helping them recognize their own strength and accept their independence as part of a big, awesome adventure."

I thought this was an awesome way to help Marie out, so I checked out some of the goods they had to offer. In the PK Boutique, they offer all sorts of goodies to help any girl forget her ex and find her inner badass. You can choose as many as you want & put together a sweet little bundle. They offer chocolates, flowers, life coaching, stylists, pin up photo shoots, text messages and emails to remind you how awesome you are, and that you don't need a man to feel good about yourself!

So I chose 30 days of pick-me-up emails to remind Marie how awesome she is every single day, and some "Better than Sex Chocolates"... cuz sometimes chocolates are just way more satisfying than a man's touch :-P

So I placed my order, and the goods will be sent right to Marie's door...
I told her what I did, and sent her the site link, cuz just reading the blog alone is enough to make any girl realize that she is not alone in the nasty world of breakups and shitty ex boyfriends...
Now I must go get ready for the gym, because we are doin a kickboxing class tonight to get rid of all that negative energy, and to tape her ex bf's face to a punching bag :-)
Check out for more info and breakup care packages!
Later Gals!



Mina said...

Awesome post! We all need to remember our inner baddass from time to time. So glad you are back.

Justina said...

Thanks so much Mina! It's good to be back , i haven't had time to do much handcrafty things , but I def have some stuff to share here in the coming New Year !! Happy 2011! Hope you visit again soon !

Amy said...

Hi Justina! Thanks so much for your sweet post! We just launched in July and we're absolutely here to help girls through the rough stuff of breakups, so readers: tell all your friends about us. pk2u! :) ~amy from