Sunday, March 20, 2011

St Patrick's Day Fun & Garden Faery Painting Fun

Hello Lovelies!!

How are you all this March? I hope your St. Patrick's Day was Lovely!

How many 4 Leaf Clovers did YOU find?!?
Have you had much luck?

I did some Green Eyeshadow for the holiday :-)

and me with my GREEN BEER!!
Avi & I went to our local Irish Pub and chowed down on
some Corned Beef & Cabbage!!

Yesterday was the first REALLY nice day New Jersey has had this year. It was a whopping 70 degrees with wind, but it was warm wind so it was nice. Nice weather puts me back into my creative state of mind. I went on a Garden Faery painting spree... I finally finished these ceramic little critters, which I had actually purchased LAST summer.

Now I can enjoy them in my garden THIS summer :-)


I want you to meet (L to R)
Rosie, Petunia, Bluebell, & Daisy


A frog prince and a snail ....

I wonder what this frog prince would look like if I gave him a kiss...

Here is a little time lapse video I did on my Garden Faery Painting...


Who is ready for spring!?!?


I AM , I AM !!


Aurelia said...

Looks like a fun St. Patrick's Day! :D

Mina said...

What a fun St Patrick's Day! Your garden fairies are adorable!

Justina said...

Thanks Ladies ... Happy Spring !