Monday, August 20, 2012

LOOK I'm Snow White!

So, I was EXTREMELY honored and excited when my friend Bobby had asked me to be a part of this conceptual art show he was going to be involved in.  I am such a fairytale fanatic, I didn't even have to think twice when he asked me.  He is a SUPER talented photographer/videographer, his work is just insane! 

Here I am portraying SNOW WHITE in one of his pieces for the Flipside Fairytale Show and Auction

A little more about the Flipside Fairytale Art Show

"FLIPSIDE FAIRYTALE ART SHOW AND AUCTION is a artistic look at classic fairytales from a point of view that even the Brothers Grimm could not imagine. Each artist has created art in their own styles, portraying classic fairytales as they see them. A dark, but elegant mixed media series by Addison Vincent, consisting of a six paneled storyboard of classic fairytales rolled into one new story. Fantastic photography and a short video collaboration by Bobby Bates. A colorful, illustrative, painting collection by Jacob Petraitis. In addition to the main artworks for the show, each artist will be auctioning pieces from their main collections. This will truly be a weekend that should not be missed."


Prudence said...

And a magical creative world it is indeed! Love your digitals I am very thrilled to have found your blog. thank you for sharing it on Willowing...I hope to visit again ..soon...♥Debi

Justina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!!! :-) , stop by again soon!