Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spicy Outdoor Party Space

I got this Project from Debbie Travis's show Painted House on HGTV and I loved the idea so much, that I just HAD to share it with you all

Faux Stained Glass Lanterns

Tools And Materials Needed

Small candle lanterns
Low-tack tape
Stained glass paint
Artists' brushes
Imitation lead in paint form

Getting Started
1.Cut a square out of low tack tape and place it in the shape of a diamond in the center of each pane of glass.
2.Using the corners of the tape as dividing points, paint each quadrant of the pane of glass a different stained glass paint colour. Try not to go over it too many times, and paint softly and in single strokes to avoid brush marks.
3.Let dry. Use an X-acto knife to carefully lift the edges of the tape, and remove it from the glass.
4.Draw lines to separate the quadrants of stained glass paint with the imitation lead paint.

Indian Placemats
Tools And Materials Needed
Purple latex paint
Small roller & tray
Henna stencil
Pinking shears
Indelible gold marker
Gold spray paint

Getting Started
1.Cut your pieces of canvas into placemat size - as big or as small as you wish.
2.Prime the canvas on both sides. Let dry.
3.Basecoat with 2 coats of purple latex paint. Let dry. Cut the edges with pinking shears to give a decorative look to the mat.
4.Draw a border around the edge with a gold indelible marker.
5.Spray the Indian Henna hand stencils with gold paint. Make certain that you spray in an open, well-ventilated area, or outside. Spray away from your painted projects so as not to get the paint on your work.
6.Let dry, and then remove the henna hand stencil from its backing and stick the left hand down centered on the left side of the placemat, and the right hand on the right side of the placemat.

Stamped Velvet Cushions
Tools And Materials Needed
Velvet, rayon-acetate or viscose
Craft paper
Pencil and ruler
Straight pins
Rubber stamp

Getting Started
1.You must use a rubber stamp and the velvet must be made from silk, rayon, rayon acetate, or viscose. It's heat from the iron that makes the impression, and it won't work on nylon, polyester or washable velvets. The effect is marvelous and everyone who sees these cushions can't resist touching them.

2.For this heating printing technique, practice first on a scrap of velvet to get the right touch and heat time. The iron should be set at the wool or cotton setting. Avoid pressing down with the front of the iron as the steam holes will leave an impression. Cut out 2 pieces of velvet an inch bigger than the size of cushion you want.

3.Mark out your design on a piece of brown paper the size of the finished cushion. Lay it on the top of the back of the velvet.

4.Lift up the brown paper and place pins where each design will go.
Heat your iron to the wool or cotton setting. Don't use any steam.

5.Place the stamp image, rubber side up on an ironing board. Remove a pin, lay fabric right side (velvet) down against the rubber image. Press the iron to the fabric and DO NOT move it. Count to twenty and lift up the iron carefully. The image has been impressed onto the velvet. Repeat until you have finished the pattern.

6.There is nothing simpler than sewing up a few accent cushions, and it's a brilliant way to introduce a bit of gorgeous fabric or a bright dash of color into your room. It's just a matter of sewing three straight lines, turning the fabric and stuffing with fiberfill or a pillow form. The opening can either be sewn up by hand, or with Velcro.

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