Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Spooky Monday #2 ( sorry I know it's Tuesday , but Labor Day weekend was so busy !!)

Hey Lovelies ,
I know, I know... I'm a bit late on the next Spooky Monday Post ! But please forgive me ! This past weekend has been so hectic (but in a GOOD WAY !!)

My weekend started about Thursday night... Avi and I had band practice with our new drummer but old friend Danny, in preps for the studio on saturday. We tightened up some songs, which was cool...

Friday night, my cousin Tom wanted to buy a bass, he wanted to learn to play bass so he could play in our band , but were kinda in a rush to start gigging, so that might be a bit ambitious... But we went with him to pick out a bass, and then we hung out at my house for the rest of the night, and him and Avi jammed on some Incubus stuff...

Saturday stared a bit early, we picked up Danny and headed to 1176 studios. He laid down some drum tracks so we could finish up "Clockwork", and "Magnetic Poetry". I also laid down final vox for "Magnetic Poetry". It's coming out AWESOME by the way ! Totally excited about where the band is headed! Here are some pics, but there is also a lot of vid footage I have to go through as well...

So after the studio we dropped Danny off, and then we went to Brick House for some Hot Wings, yum!! We then hit up Buy Rite for some Pumpkin Beer ( Avi and I are SO excited it's finally in season again) , then we went to his friend Joe's new place cuz his gf Mel was in town. We just played some drinking games and watched Harold and Kumar, and passed out...

Sunday we woke up at Joe's, straightened up his place a bit (cuz we're awesome friends :-) ) , and then we headed back to town to run some errands. Avi's beer kit came in . His friend Jay started making his own beer, and ginger ale, so he wanted to give it a try. So we picked up the kit from Avi's house, then headed to Walmart for a 12qt. boiling pot. So we pretty much made Pumpkin Beer all afternoon! As Avi was working his beer magic, I started cooking some pasta with shrimp, zucchini and tomatoes fresh from the garden. Here are some pictures from our little beer/cooking fest:

Such a long process! We were finally able to get it fermenting around 9:00. Then we headed to our friend Mer's Pre Labor Day Bash!! It was nice to see EVERYONE'S face, it was a lot calmer than last year though. No one walked into a swing set pole face first (chris) , and no one ended up in a bathtub til 4 am (Avi) ... Oh , Goodtimes! So while we were chatting amongst some friends at the party, Avi was talking to his other friend Joe, who he hasn't really hung out with much since high school, but they used to play music together sometimes. So he was talking to Joe about our band, and the work we've been doing in the studio, and he was really down with what we were doing, so he is interested in playing bass for us !! I was so excited to hear that, it's been such a bitch finding a bass player ! So we will see what happens with that !

Monday morning Avi and I woke up and headed to the South Plainfield Labor Day Parade. We headed right for the Middle School which is the parades final destination. After the parade ends, there is a huge fair with food and vendors, and little blowup playgrounds, slides, and rock climbing for kids. There is also a concert stage, and live music, so it was a lot of fun. We met up with a lot of friends there.
We were there for quite a few hours, and then headed out around 2:00. We had plans to play softball with a bunch of friends around 2:30. That was more fun than I had anticipated it to be, since I have not really done much exercise in like 7 years! I played second base, and I also managed to hit every ball Chris threw!! I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would ! So we played about 4 or 5 innings until me and Jason were like, "I need a Slurpee!" So we made a 7-11 run, and got Slurpee's and some doritoes.

Me being a fat kid on the bench, while Avi catches some balls behind homeplate.

So after softball Avi and I ate some potluck my parents whipped up, then we relaxed and watched some Nip/Tuck with some store bought Pumpkin Beer. We were finally able to sit down and edit photos from our busy busy weekend !

So here I finally bring you my Spooky Monday Post # 2 !! (I'm so sorry to drag out the long intro, but I figured you might want an explanation as to why I've been slacking with the posts lately! )

Last Wednesday, I had off from work , and so did my parents, so they invited me to take a trip with them to Peddler's Village in PA. It's a little farther than New Hope, and there's little shops, and some outlets. I was soooo excited to go , because it's always around this time where all of the Halloween goodies come out !!

Here are some pics of all the spooky friends I encountered while window shopping for ideas for this year's festivities !

Me with some spooky friends !

Here is the Halloween Video of the week , I found this on YouTube and I thought it was hilariously adorable... enjoy!

Also here is a little Halloween countdown I found on my friend Anna's page .
You can get your own Halloween Countdown Widget Here




Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Justina! Glad to hear you had a fun and very busy Labor Day Weekend. Pumpkin beer sounds very interesting! My big thing was finally getting some pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts this morning! I am so addicted to all things pumpkin. Last year my hubby and I visited Peddler's Village on our October vacation. We had a great time there. Theresa

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Holy wow, you've been insanely busy! @_@

It sounds like you've been having fun though. ^-^

Oooo... that pasta looks so good... and I think I'll have to try some pumpkin beer or ale this year...

I love your Spooky Monday pics! =D
Such Autumn & Halloween fun...

Hope you have an awesome week! ^-^

Justina said...

Thanks ladies !! Yes, pumpkin anything is my absolute FAVORITE !! That is why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year :-D .. I am gearing up for all of the festivities !!!
I wish your preparations well , as well !!

Anonymous said...

Love the halloween pics!!!
And that's so exciting about your new band!!!
Hooray for Fall madness!