Monday, September 27, 2010

Spooky Monday #5

Hello Lovelies !

So, I thought about taking the day off , and not doing a Spooky Monday post, and then I thought about it , and I just figured it wouldn't be Monday without one....

I have just been so exhausted , the Practical Magic Post really took so much energy out of me , not to mention all of the music biz stuff going on lately... But I really love coming on here and reading all of the awesome comments, and meeting new people, so I really hate letting my readers down...

SO, I am going to do a Spooky Monday post for today , it will just be short and sweet.. because I want to focus on getting around to visiting each and every single blog signed up for mine and Anna's PM party !! I was able to get almost up to the end of the A's! Still so many to go! Please bare with me, I am slowly but surely making my rounds :-)

But anyways, here is what I had in mind for my Spooky Monday Post#5...

About 3 years ago, I had started up a web-zine for all of the arts! It was a lot of fun to create and piece together, but with the amount of work that goes into each issue, and doing it all by myself... it was very short lived, unfortunately! I did manage to squeeze out a Halloween issue, so I wanted to share with you a few pages from the issue...

If you would like to download the WHOLE ISSUE , please click HERE

Up until my teenage years, my mom usually made my costumes from scratch... My favorites were Pippi Longstockings (top right) , and Sally the Ragdoll (bottom right).


Here is a little bit about what Halloween means to me, with my letter from the editor


Here is My Aunt Fi Fi's little tin witch creation, along with the patterns, so you can try to make her yourself !



Also HERE is my Aunt's Blog, she doesn't update much though... I am trying to scold her and get her to add more of her lovely creations, because she is so talented ! Please Follow her as well!

Here are some hilarious Halloween Tips, I found in The Onion , which is a humorous NYC based Newspaper.... they are from 2001....


And here is the last page of my Halloween Web-zine! I love making up funny captions to old fashioned pictures... won't you play along? What do you think they're saying? Please comment , and share your "Caption-it" with me !!


I hope you enjoyed some of these pages from my 2007 Halloween Zine!! Please DL the whole issue if you would like !!

Now here is a cute little Halloween Clip from one of my favorite flash animators, creator of Children R Skary , Katy Towell, whom I featured in my zine as well....

I hope you enjoyed this week's Spooky Monday Post !

Tricks and Treats !



Mina said...

I love your web-zine edition. I can only imagine all the work it took to produce that by yourself! You are so creative. After that movie, I am on my way to but my Halloween candy! ;-)

Lynda said...

Awesome Zine! :) I am so about to hop over to the book store and stock up on halloween magazines! Thanks for visiting my blog party post, I'm really happy that you liked it! I really appreciate the compliment. Have a good day

Lynda said...

Oh I almost forgot. You asked where the shops were from my magical blog post. The crystal people and Rosemarys Garden are both located in Sebastopol CA...about 20 minutes from my house :)

Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hi Justina! Happy (late) Spooky Monday to you. Thanks for sharing your web-zine and all the other "spooky" fun links! Theresa :)

BloggerVoices said...

The web-zine looks great! Love the tin witch too. Cool blog.