Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday Gift!

So I wanted to do a post on the gift I just got my BFF for her birthday this year...
I think it is the CUTEST gift ever, and I think you would really enjoy how I put it together!
She got me an insanely cute gift for my birthday this past year, so I definitely had to get her something!

On my trip to Peddler's Village, PA with my mom, Aunt, n Cousin a few weeks ago, I found this ADORABLE little candle holder in a candle shop!  I thought it was SO pretty, so I just had to scoop one up for her! (I loved it so much that I actually bought myself one too :-X) 

Also on my trip to Peddler's Village, we spent a good chunk of time in this beautiful new age shop that had all sorts of cute glittery cards and art.  I found this little birthday card, I thought it was absolutely adorable to go with her gift!

The maker of this card is PAPAYA.

They really have some BEAUTIFUL stuff <3 p="">

So silly me, I bought my bff a candleholder with no candles!!!
On a trip to Walgreen's, I found some AMAZING scented tea lights.
I bought her one Gardenia (these smell so spring fresh!)
and also one pack of Apple Cinnamon, because it reminded me of Autumn, which is right around the corner! It's my BFF's favorite season, as well as mine, so I knew she'd just LOVE these!

While my cousin and aunt were here, we also hit up Marshall's, where I found this adorable gift bag...
It is so colorful and whimsical, I thought it went perfectly with the gift!
I always save my tissue paper when I buy new stuff from Victoria's Secret, so I used some bright pink tissue paper to fill the gift bag...

So I put all the goodies in the gift bag, and then wrote a personal little note on the card...

I decorated the inside of the card, as well as the envelope with some rubber stamps that my mom had gotten me for christmas a few years back...

I thought they were so adorable, and she would really get a kick out of the bratty characters...

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