Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aunt Linda & Cousin Jessie Visit From North Carolina PART 1

So 2 weekends ago,  we had the pleasure of having my Aunt Linda & Cousin Jessie visit us from North Carolina!! This was such a treat because we rarely see them.  I actually think the last time we saw them was a year 1/2 ago :-( 

They got here on August 22nd,  a Thursday night and my dad whipped up a magical dinner!
The girls brought some wine from a North Carolina winery...

This one was called "Twisted Sister" which made me laugh, cuz it reminds me of my mom and her sister Linda.  It was a very sweet wine, and tasted a bit like welch's grapejuice, which is pretty dangerous if you ask me! It went down so smooth, and was SO yummy! 
They also brought a red wine, which we were all laughing that it had a "Woodsy" taste. That was the term of the night regarding that wine.  

My dad whipped up some perfectly seasoned pork chops...
Here there are waiting to be cooked, 
Can't wait!

And some Cavatelli and Broccoli! 

Every meal he makes is a 

The ladies are so excited to be spoiled by Rosario's home cooking for the next few days!

And I must say, his dishes are indeed picture worthy!

Cavatelli Anyone?

After dinner I showed them some videos I made of Renaissance Fair, and stuff in LA, and we had some laughs.  Then Jessie, Avi, and I went out to a piano bar with some of our friends that we introduced Jessie to. It was a fun night! 

LOL at Avi's Face in this one!

Day 2 coming soon! 


Dena Miller said...

Justina, looks like all had a great time....Dinner looked fabulous!!! I want to join you and your Family for dinner. Looking forward to part 2

Justina said...

Thanks Dena! We would love to have you for dinner sometime!!

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