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WOW WOW WEDDINGS Post 1: Marianne's Wedding Flashback - July 2012

So I am doing this series of recap flashback posts, and I thought this was a REALLY important one to do.  It was one of the hugest events that I was a part of last year, and that is my best friend Marianne's wedding! I can't believe it's already been 1 year ago!

It was such an honor for me to be a part of her special day, because I have known her since she was 4 or 5 years old.  I met her when my family moved from the city to the suburbs when I was around 8 years old, she is a few years younger than me.  She even moved away when I was in high school, to the next town over, and we STILL kept in touch throughout our teenage and early adult years, which says a lot, because most people lose touch, or their lives change so much that it's hard to keep a childhood friend in them. So when she asked me to be a bridesmaid, I couldn't have been more honored.

She had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and I had so much fun capturing the day on camera, I made sure that I did! Here are some of the photos that I just LOVE from the beautiful day...

You can also watch their OFFICIAL wedding video HERE, courtesy of Go North Films.  He's done a few of my friend's weddings, and he makes it look like it could be on TLC, or a reality show.. He really does a great job! :

At the rehearsal dinner the night before, 
Marianne gave all of her bridesmaids some goodie bags 
with some things to wear the day of the wedding...
She gave us all a diamond studded necklace, Mac eyeshadow in a purplish shade, mac mascara, mac eyeliner, Dior Mascara, A Marc Jacobs makeup bag/clutch, and a Personalized pair of black flip flops with our names in pink, on the foot band, and in the center was a rhinestone button
(THEY ARE MY FAVORITE, I wear them all the time!)

Before she let us all open the bags together, she did give each bride's maid a little speech as to why each one means so much to her, and let's just say there was A LOT of crying going on...
But don't fret, they were all 

The Day of the Wedding...

 The invitation in front of all of the bridesmaid's flowers... These bouquets smelt AMAZING!


Here is a closer look at the bride's maids bouquets..
The colors are so beautiful! 

Here is the BRIDE'S BOUQUET!
So simple and elegant with diamond studs as the centers for some of the flowers...

The Bride's shoes, purse, garter with a little blue on it ...

I snuck this picture of Marianne, the beautiful bride
as she got into her town car which she rode in by herself to the church...

The Bride's Maids were having fun in our limo,
all dressed in our lilac dresses and matching flowers...
Everyone looked GORGEOUS!

The limo had mirrored ceilings, so I snuck a quick shot of myself..
I did my hair and makeup myself as well!

Avi and I at the church after the ceremony...
We clean up nice, don't we? :-P 

Waiting patiently to go to the reception!! 
It's been a long morning, 
we are starving, but ready to 

The bridal party had a private cocktail hour 
with a private bar, and a delicious mixture of 
Cuban (Marianne's side) & Italian (John's side) Food! 

The main banquet room was BEAUTIFUL shades of pinks & purples
and they had their names and their wedding date lit up on the dance floor!

Let's just say that the party got pretty 
Below is the groom hoisted up by all the guys on the dance floor
and he is fist pumping "Jersey Style"

 The bride and groom are sharing a kiss while cutting cake!

It was a LONG and exhausting weekend, 
but it was so much fun and an honor to be a part of!!
Another thing that was a staple of that whole day was the song "Call Me Maybe"
It was the summer hit, and the guys... YES... THE GUYS, kept playing it in the limo on the way from the church to the reception and we had a lot of fun with that... 

Here is a video I put together of the Sing A Long

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