Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wow Wow Weddings Post #3: Joel & Lauren July 14, 2013

So here is my 3rd Wow Wow Weddings Post!!
I have been so busy actually creating, cooking, & crafting to keep up with my wedding posts, since I have in fact been to way too many weddings over the past 3 years...

This wedding was a bit interesting because Avi and I didn't really know any of the people attending.
I grew up with Joel, the groom, and have known him since kindergarten.  We lost touch when I moved in the 3rd grade, and we didn't reconnect again until the invention of Facebook around 2008 or so.  It was crazy that we were able to pick right back up where we left off.  I really treasure our friendship, and am happy that we are able to be in each other's lives not only as children, but also as adults. 
I felt honored to be invited to his special day!  

So I didn't really get my outfit together until just a few days before the wedding.  I had my friend Marie come with me to help me find a cute summery dress.  We went in a few stores, and then finally went into Macy's and I found this cute little Peach & Salmony colored 1950s vintage looking housewife dress with some patterns.  I loved how the straps wrapped around the neck and formed a criss cross around my back. I loved that this dress had a built in bra so I did not have to worry about finding one to suit the odd back.  The shoes could have not been more perfect for this dress, we went to MJM which was right next door to Macy's.  I usually never find shoes my size in there.  Originally, I had my mind set on finding some white shoes, but then these caught my eye as I was making one last round around the store before leaving.  I tried them on and they were PERFECT! Matched perfectly, and fit perfectly. It was meant to be! I accessorized with cute white pearl necklace, some coral and peach colored bangles, peach dangly earrings from Target, and a white snap clutch.  Avi also wore a peach colored tie with a light paisley pattern to accent my colors.  We always roll to a wedding in style :-) 

Here is the outside of the church... 
I took some pictures inside, but I was kinda far from all the action, and my camera kept going blurry.
Below are Avi & I waiting for the Newlyweds to exit the church after the ceremony...

The Bridesmaids & Flower Girl are in their positions, and their bubbles are ready! 

Here are the Newlyweds!!!

The crowd applauses and bubbles float up into the air!
It was such a beautiful day! 

Lauren's veil and train were so elegant and beautiful! 

Everyone helping the bride get up the steps with her long train!

I also didn't take too many pictures at the reception, but it was BEAUTIFUL!
Cocktail hour was great, they also had signature cocktails in honor of both the bride & groom

Joeljitos which were a mint mojito, and a Laurentini which were peach martinis...
I did try both, and they were both delicious!

Below is a poached pear salad over baby spinach and dried cranberries & almonds

Avi & I enjoyed ourselves despite not knowing many people there. 
I must say that whoever we sat next to both during cocktail hour & dinner were very nice and personable!  It was nice to meet some new people!

We had fun dancing the night away, and even more fun walking around during the Venetian Table dessert hour.  It was an Italian/Cuban wedding, and they are never complete without the Venetian Table. There was a light show and everything!!

Avi and I were seated at a table that was against a canvassed wall which on the other side of it was the pre-cocktail hour lounge area.  When the fire show was going on, on the dancefloor, to our surprise, as we turned around toward our table, the whole wall had opened up and before our very eyes, there were lavish tables filled with little tarts, cakes, fruit, chocolate fountains, cotton candy, carnival style popcorn, different types of fudge, fresh waffles,  ice cream, you name it , the treat was there! It was just an amazing dessert hour, but by that time we were STUFFED, so we settled for a few little tartlets, & some fresh berries...

Everything was so gorgeous & elegant, the food was delicious, the hall was beautiful...
And it couldn't have been a more gorgeous day! 
One more Congratulations to the happy couple!
To Joel & Lauren

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