Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Fair Engagement...

Well this past weekend was a very eventful one! I had so much fun, but boy am I exhausted !!

Friday night my boyfriend, Avi and I attended the town fair. Every year the church down the road from me holds a feast in the beginning of June. They have polish, italian food, and korean bbq. Kielbasa and perogies, Pizza Frits which is just deep fried dough with tomato sauce and powdered grated cheese, and bbq'ed meat on a stick. There are also zeppoles, which are deep fried dough balls with powdered sugar, ice cream, cotton candy, candy apples, and fresh lemonade... People attend the fair for the food alone, and the kids go for the rides. Avi and I both brought our SLRs in hopes to catch some Fair in action. I mainly brought mine because I really wanted some nice ferris wheel shots.

Saturday was the last day of the fair, so in the afternoon we went back for more pizza frits, Korean BBQ, and Fresh Lemonade. After the fair I went to a short band practice , and then Avi and I made our way to Branchburg, NJ for our friends' Eric and Danielle's Engagement Party.

Eric's parents have a beautiful house on 7 acres of land, with a barn complete with 3 horses. I had a blast taking some really nice nature shots of the foliage around the yard!

It was such a nice summer party! We had great food, smoked some hookah, played some speed pong, the guys played basketball, and the girls surprised them when they bombared them with water balloons! Some of the girls walked to the barn to pet the horses.

Photo taken by Avi
Marianne and Tara petting one of the horses

Photo taken by Avi
(L to R: Leesh, Erin , Kristi, Marianne, Maid of Honor Allison, Bride to Be Dani, Tara, Marianne, Kristin, Me Justina)

As dusk ascended upon us, the sky turned a beautiful magical pink ...

It was the pure essence of summer, and no summer party is complete without helping the little ones catch fireflies ! I helped Eric's little cousin Josh catch fireflies.

Soon it got dark , and we celebrated our way into the night !!

(Above from L to R: Marianne, Kristi, Thomas, Avi)

The Engagement Party Favors were little heart tins filled with robin's egg blue chocolate covered almonds... After the almonds are gone, I think I will paint the tins and use them as trinket boxes :-D ... I love reinventing stuff !

Sunday was a lazy recovery day. Avi and I laid in bed all day and edited pictures from the party , making them all sorts of magical :-D Then we mustered up some energy and put my new bookcase together ! It looks so amazing and now I have somewhere to store all of my favorite books ! Half of the book I own are by Francesca Lia Block. She is such an amazing writer! I really want to post some pics of my new bookcase :-D I decorated them with some copper flower string lights.... It looks so magical when it's lit up at night :-D

On some shelves , I have my fairy memorabilia stored, and then on the next shelf with my books, I have my troll collection from Norway at Epcot center in Disney World. I love them , they are so cute !!

I will post some pictures of my bookshelf soon :-D

Monday , Avi and I went to the beach with our friends Joe and Mel. We sat on the beach for a couple hours , and then it got really cloudy and windy, so we headed to the boardwalk...

We spent a really long time in a bar having lots of laughs , when the bartender chick overheard our discussion. We were talking about planning our trip to Vegas in Feb. She was giving us a lot of advice on where to stay, what to eat , and what to see.

We ended up leaving the bar only to come back and actually eat dinner there. We finally left and played some prize winning games :-D ... Before we knew it , it was almost 10:00 and it was time to leave ! On the way back to the cars, we passed by a candy shop, and I just couldn't resist! Maybe all the swedish fish shots Mel and I did at the bar, subconsciously made me want real swedish fish.. so I bought a bag of candy... 13 bux worth of swedish fish, gummy worms, peach and cotton candy rings, and tootsie rolls !!! LoL .... my oh my...

Here are the cavities in a bag ....

O sweet candy sugary goodness !!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my weekend as much as I enjoyed having it :-)
til next time....
Love, Lust, and Pixie Dust ,

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