Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Perfect Tea Cup

I've been browsing ALL MORNING , for my ideal tea cup. To some people, tea cups are just tea cups... but like anything you plan on purchasing, it's got to be THE RIGHT ONE. Everything matters, it's got to be the right size , not like drinking out of a soup bowl... but not so small that I feel like I'm drinking out of miniature dollhouse china. It has to have the right design, florals are nice but they can get gaudy very easily. Also a tea cup is not a tea cup, unless it's gold rimmed china. Not to me anyways :-P . It also has to have the right color scheme. For me , I was browsing page after page, and finding nothing but vintage , drab, and gaudy material. I was finally browsing through ebay and this tea cup caught my eye! It was Robin's Egg Blue, with a touch of pink and yellow floral on the inside of the cup, as well as in the center of the saucer. There was more floral pattern and foliage around the saucer and top part of the cup, but it was white, so it was not as overbearing. There was also gold rimmed ornate pattern around the inner rim of the saucer and the handle and base of the cup. It was the most beautiful tea cup I had ever seen. BUT, BUMMER... there was only ONE listed. I searched the name , and I finally found a site that sells them. They are about $24.95 , so getting a set of 4 is a bit pricey. I bookmarked the site, maybe I'll get one a month or something. But they are definitely something worth investing in, especially if you love having tea parties :-D

So here I leave you with , my dream Tea Cup:

The Royal Albert ENCHANTMENT



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