Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Garden

Hey All,
I did this post a couple days ago, but I decided to post each picture individually instead of a slideshow , so you can really take each picture in....

Here are some photos I took of the garden in my backyard.... everything looks so magical :-)

I hope to make this blog , more of a homemade arts and crafts typa thing... I'm a really crafty, artsy person , so I really want to start putting some of my own creations up for display :-D

So here we venture off into the Fairy Garden! Sheila watches over the garden , and calls to the other fairies with her magical windchime harp....

She attracts baby bunnies and dragonflies.... She lives in a bed of Magenta and White Dahlietta Flowers....

Here is the White Dahlietta

Onward to the herb garden...

Here is some Magical Mint! It is good to put a few crushed up leaves and a fresh lemon wedge into your iced water on hot summer days !! That seems to be my drink of choice lately!!

Some Fresh Basil! Now I am Italian, so Basil goes in just about EVERYTHING my family cooks! It's good to put some leaves into a pot of summery fresh tomato sauce , or some raw leaves to sprinkle on top of bruschetta with fresh tomatoes. As a matter of fact, yesterday I actually put some crushed up leaves into some homemade egg salad! I tried a new recipe , and I just have to share it with you all , because it is TO DIE FOR ! But let's not get off topic right now .....

Here is a picture of the Herb and Vegetable Garden! Amelia watches over to make sure no little critters come through to steal our harvest !! We actually had some pesty problems in the beginning of the spring, gophers, rabbits, you name it ... they were after our crop! But my dad managed to fix the problem with some small plastic fencing and some higher chicken wire! He also has some kind of spray , that you spray on the crop , to keep the pests away. It smells like horse manure, which actually isn't too good to spray before you have an outdoor picnic! GROSS!! We haven't had a problem since rodent proofing... everything is starting to flourish just nicely!! We're growing broccoli , tomatoes, cucumbers, I think cauliflower, and zucchini in this garden!

On to the spinach garden....

Our gnome friend David watches over our spinach !! He's been standing there for years... he is really dedicated to his line of duty :-D

There are peppers growing in the other corner of the garden , and also parsley, and fresh oregano... maybe I will get around to taking some pictures of those as well!

Here are some more flowers!

Here are some Sun Daisies my mom had gotten... I love the fiery colors !

On to the front yard!
Here is a DayLily (Stelladora), they really filled in nicely this year !!

Ooh Look! What is that dust!?! I think a fairy must have passed through!

Here are some more little pink flowers my mom also received as a birthday gift! I am not sure of the species of flower, there was no tag in the pot... But the little fae love these sweet smellers as well ! They keep passing through my photographs!

Here is a Maynight Salvia flower! It is actually still potted... I think my mom is trying to find a good spot to plant it ! Those are some more yellow day lilies you see in the background!

I took some more shots of the purple clematis , but I have not gotten around to editing it yet !

That is all for now , I hope you enjoyed strolling through my garden as much as I did !!


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