Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Francesca Lia Block - House of Dolls

I want to share with you all, one of my favorite authors ever, Francesca Lia Block. Her work is magical. You can taste every ethnic food, smell every flower, feel the warmth of every color, the presence of every spirit and goddess .... every scenario that she sets up for her readers... you are there with her... wrapped up in the magic. Alot of times her work is very abstract, and hard for many to grasp, but if you can get past the freeform approach in some of her works , you can really appreciate the beauty in her art. Sometimes she takes a more simple approach to her storytelling, but even in her most simple writing , lies something much deeper and complex in feeling. She has written many books and stories of love, magic, poetry, and prose. Today she just released her newest works titled "House of Dolls" . Here is a little excerpt from the product description on Amazon.com:

"In a little house from another time, with lace curtains in every window and paintings hung in gold doily frames, Wildflower, Rockstar, and Miss Selene live a warm and cozy life. They wear fancy dresses, bake play-dough cakes, and spend their days enjoying one another's company.

For the three dolls, life is small but good.

But life is not good for Madison Blackberry, the owner of the dollhouse. Her grandmother pays more attention to the dolls than to her. The dolls have one another, but she is lonely in her big, empty apartment.

Then one day, as things always do—even for dolls—everything changes.

This beautiful story from the acclaimed team of Francesca Lia Block, author of such novels as Weetzie Bat, and Barbara McClintock, author and illustrator of many picture books, including AdÈle & Simon, brings to life the power of love, family, and friendship."

Order your copy today on Amazon.com!

Find out more info about the works of Francesca Lia Block

She is truly a goddess....


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