Monday, April 16, 2012

Fantastical Finds!

Hello Lovelies!!

So here is some stuff that I found while out exploring this past week! I am SUPER EXCITED to finally get on the ball with my art, and my mental/physical health. This morning I went for a wellness exam at my new Dr... I had some bloodwork done so my arm is a bit sore :-( So I figured I'd post some sweet stuff to sweeten up my day...

It's so funny that I found this Macaroon Recipe book, cuz I have been saying for quite some time now, that I want to try to make these so bad!! This book is ADORABLE and has so many awesomely unique recipes I CANNOT wait to try!! I heard Macaroon making is quite the challenge, so maybe my challenge can be perfecting them! This book was in the BARGAIN BOOKS section at Barnes & Noble!

Here are some fake plastic birds that I found on clearance at AC Moore. I plan to use them for the spring/summer birdhouses I am going to make to sell on my Etsy Store!! I am SOOOO excited about these...

Here is a wine stopper which my mom had bought for me at the
Christmas Tree Shoppe.
We went there to get more teacups for her candlemaking, and we saw this during our venture, so she scooped one up for me.. $3!!! LOVE IT! It is currently topping a bottle of Chocolate Red Wine,
by the Chocolate Cellar

Those were all the finds for this week, but I also wanted to share with you all some of the projects I will be working on this spring. I could not sleep last night, so I thought the best thing I could do to rid my mind of all the stuff I have to do , would be to write it all down, so I have some sort of plan to follow. I'm starting to give myself deadlines to meet, this way I can ensure that I will get things done!


On that note, I think I will go work on some Cookie Jar stuff, before I have to go to work today! It's a GORGEOUS DAY! Have a great spring day everyone!


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