Monday, April 23, 2012

Samantha's Communion

I cannot believe that my goddaughter is already grown up enough to make her Holy Communion! 
They grow up so fast...

My cousin had asked me to take some pictures of her in her gown on Easter...

It was so windy that day!! But I managed to get a couple good shots of her, enough to do a nice photo manipulation.  My aunt (Samantha's Grandmother), makes party favors where she puts images on candles.  So I designed these 2 pieces below so she had options to choose from!

She went with the Angel image, which I am really happy about cuz I LOVE how it came out 

She ended up using these candles for the centerpieces at the hall after the ceremony. 
They look really beautiful once they are lit , because it illuminates the whole image on the candle!

I would really love to do more things like this, for milestones/parties...

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