Friday, September 6, 2013

Aunt Linda & Cousin Jessie Visit From North Carolina PART 4 & 5 (FINAL SERIES POST!)

So here is my last post about my Aunt Linda and Cousin Jessie's visit to NJ 2 weekends ago.
So on Day 4 of their visit here, we all had plans to go to my mom's godmother's house down the shore.

Avi made some guacamole and I made some walnut and butterscotch morsel banana bread.
Both seemed to go over very well :-) 

It was nice to have some bbq and sangria, poolside.
They DID have a pool, but nobody really went in it.
We mostly just hang out around it with our drinks.

L to R: Me, Aunt Dor, Aunt Linda, Jessie, and My Mom

We spent the day there, and then my aunt and cousin went to see their old street in Brick. 
They used to live in Jersey before they moved to NC, so whenever they're in Jersey, they go visit their old neighborhood. So I got home and watched some tv, and then they came back later on.
Jessie and I tried watching The Great Gatsby, but we both fell asleep...
They were planning to leave the next day... bummer!

I went to bed, and woke up the next morning to my mom and my aunt knocking on my door...
They're staying one more day!!! Let's get dressed, we're going to the mall! 

So we went to Bridgewater mall, had some lunch in the food court, and then went shopping some more! We window shopped in Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Francesca's where I bought a cute flowy leopard top on sale for $20, and some other cute little boutiques. Especially this one where we had way too much fun trying on some fake bangs...

I think we were annoying the less than happy lady who worked there, so we put them back on the rack , and headed on our way.  After the mall, we hit up TJ Maxx/Home Goods.  We spent sooooo much time in here looking at the cute little china, and Halloween Goods! 
I even found a pair of Coach shoes for a very affordable price, that actually FIT ME!!
It's very rare that I find shoes that fit me, so when I do, 
I splurge :-X 
They are cute little brown suede flat ballet slippers. I have been wanting a pair like that forever... So I just bought them, with some coaxing from the girls...
( I will show a pic in a later post) 

My mom ended up buying a cute little cake tier, 
which we later put some wafers on for dessert after dinner.

She also bought some lovely pumpkin soap which was only a few bucks and smells like HEAVEN

We went to Hobby Lobby for Jessie and My Aunt cuz they don't have one down by them.

Shortly after we went home cuz my dad had another amazing recipe up his sleeve!

I also bought a Halloween Apron for this season's fall baking festivities.
It has a cauldron on it with some cosmo glasses, and it says 
"Pick Your Poison"
It's SO cute!

When we got it home, my dad decided to model it for us as he cooked some


Dinner is served!

Tonight we dined Al Fresco! 

Would you like some tomato salad on the side?
They are "Ugly Tomatoes" 
straight from our garden!

How about some Italian Bread?

Dinner was so 

After dinner we had some lovely dessert!


and some FIGS, right from my grandmother's tree!

Before this trip, Jessie had never had fresh figs before!
My dad made her try one, and she was hooked since! 
I'm pretty sure she had at least 5 figs for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, every day that she was at our house! My dad sent her home with them, because she loved them so much...
She even asked him how to grow a fig tree, and he said he is going to get her one for next year...

It started to get dark out and we heard some giggles...
who can that be joining us?

Some night fae, perhaps?
What a beautiful dinner and night it was...

But all good things must come to an end...
It was time to turn in, so we cleaned up dinner and headed inside.
Jessie, My Dad, Avi, and I decided to watch The Great Gatsby!

What an amazing movie this was!
It was shot so beautifully, 
I didn't expect anything less from Baz Luhrman...
I have been a fan From Romeo and Juliet, to Moulin Rouge, Strictly Ballroom, 
I just think the guy has such an intriguing and imaginative way of storytelling.
His films are truly art that I find myself indulging in, time and time again! 

When the movie was over, we all called it a night, and I said my goodbyes to My Aunt and Jess...
I went to sleep, and when I awoke the next morning, they were already en route back to North Carolina!
I miss them already, and look forward to our next adventures together whether they visit here, or we visit there! 

I hope you enjoyed this series of posts about their visit.
They were seriously so adventurous, I just had to share every detail...


Dena Miller said...

What a fabulous time with your family it was!!! It is always a pleasure to spend quality time with family and glad you had the opportunity...All the moments looked amazing in your photo's!


Justina said...

Thanks for stopping by Dena :-)
Yes it was so much fun!!