Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I know it's been quite awhile since I started this project, and it took me awhile to finally bring it into completion.  I apologize for leaving you hanging on this! However, the end of August has been a whirlwind with some special guests, other blog posts filled with recipes, and my never ending health battle....

Well I'm sure a lot of my readers are wondering why I am ALWAYS sick with "Upper Respiratory Infections"... Well I have been to the Dr. three times in the past 3 weeks, and I am still not showing signs of recovery. So what IS wrong with me, you ask? Apparently, I have asthma, and was never diagnosed! So the past 3 weeks or so, have been trial and error with different medications, and so far nothing seems to be working. I have just been super miserable all month long, as it has been flared up, and it might have something to do with the ragweed floating around this season. I had a blood test yesterday to test for allergens, so hopefully we can find out what exactly is irritating my respiratory tract. Well enough of that crap...  

I wanted to update you on my project that I have been trying to finish! 

Do you remember this!?


I started painting it at the beginning of August...

I used acrylics, as well as some metallic and glitter paint to give it some sparkle!

I painted the flowers and surrounding stones all beautiful vibrant colors!
It kind of looks like stained glass, doesn't it?

I used some of the dry brushing technique I learned in Kathy Monaco's painting class 
with my Aunt Fi Fi! Do you see how I dry brushed a darker shade of orange around the yellow bricks to give it some depth?

Here is the finished product!! 
My mom is going to love it!
I am going to finish it off with a sealing spray, this way it can be placed outside and endure different kinds of weather....

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Dena Miller said...

Great Job Justina!!! I love it and I know your Mom will could she not? Love the painting techniques too..totally cool!