Friday, July 9, 2010

New Book Orders!! Hint Hint* Buy Used but New Books!!!

So, with all the magic in the air today, and silly coincidences, and obsessions about these magical books and movies... I have decided to pay my friend a little visit, and hit up the USED BOOK SECTIONS!! If you are an avid book reader/buyer... it might be worth your while to take a browse through some used books on Amazon. Just search for whatever book you want. Next to your book of choice, there should be a few links... One to buy new, and one link to buy Used.

Now, once you click the Used Link, it will take you to a list of all the Used but New Books. Here you can browse through and see which book you can find for the cheapest price, and best quality... make sure you read the product descriptions, and see if there are any scratch marks, ripped pages, etc. The sellers are pretty much required to list any damage in their listings... Also look at the seller rating... if they have 5 stars, then it's usually pretty trustworthy. I have found so many awesome CHEAP books this way, sometimes you'll find a book for $0.01, and just pay the $3.99 shipping... This way you can buy more books for your money :-D

So, with that little secret shared, go get some bargain books now !!

I finally got these 2 books that I have been wanting for quite some time now, and also a new one that I just found out about today from some lovely blogger friends !! Thanks for continuing to inspire me guys!! Thanks for giving me the final urge to buy some more books :-P

House of Dolls by Francesca Lia Block

Theresa, I can't wait to read this and discuss with you!

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman

Buying this book has been a long time coming... I've read the book once before, I've seen the movie about a MILLION times. The book and movie are completely different from eachother , but I'll I have to read it again... Thanks Christina for giving me the urge to finally buy the book !

and last but not least

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Thanks Staci, Anna and Christina for recommending this book to me... I can't wait to read it !! I think it's so amazingly funny that I have never heard about this book before 2day, and you both had brought it up, and Christina actually had it in your hand to buy today!!! Life is so funny like that...

And these 3 books cost me a whopping $20.44

Well stay tuned... because I am PRETTY sure that a Practical Magic Blogger's Party is in order... So I am going to brainstorm some ideas for that !!!

Until then , have a nice weekend !!!



Faerie Moon Creations said...

Hurray! I have sitting in the living room right now. I have Garden Spells, but I haven't read it yet. And I also own the book Practical Magic (I'm a bit of a book junkie). Maybe we should start a little club. :) Theresa

Justina said...

yes.... I wanna try to get a little something in the works !! like maybe a bookclub , or someone suggested a Practical Magic themed bloggers party... Ill def keep ya posted!! :-D

Celia said...

I would LOVE to join a Practical Magic blogger party!!!! Sounds like great fun!

Justina said...

Celia, we would love for you to join us !!!

christinaalessi said...

Yay! A magical book club?
I'm just getting started on Practical Magic. Lovelovelove

Justina said...

I totally ordered all of those books on Friday night , like right after our comment extravaganza, LOL... I got House of Dolls today, it's soooooooooo adorable... i Must post some pictures of Barbara McClintock's Illustrations! Now I'm waiting for Practical Magic and Garden Spells....

Oh and just you girls wait, Anna and I are boiling up something special in our magic cauldrons.... It should be posted tomorrow!!

Angie said...

I read Garden Spells last year and was so good that I have re read it a couple of times since then. It is really good.