Friday, July 19, 2013

NY Renaissance Fair Recap- September 2012

Hello Lovelies!!

So as you all know, I have taken a break from the world of blogging for quite some time, but I have been getting the itch lately to come back and join the fun! I  know I have been gone for quite some time now, and with no real explanation, but the truth is, I've been so busy with life!! So I figured, instead of picking back up with craft entries like I never even disappeared, I figured I would pay tribute to the time I spent away, and enlighten you all as to what exactly I have been up to. The last entry I did was a recap on Mine & Avi's trip to Salem last October, and BOY how much fun THAT was!!

So for this entry, I thought I would go back a little further,
 to September's NY RENAISSANCE FAIR 2012! 

Come Right In, Why Don't You!!

The queen is enjoying the view!!

These little guys are enjoying the sunlight...

The Sounds of the Harp fill the marketplace....

Where you can buy beautiful trinkets & treasures!

What a BEAUTIFUL day for a festival!! 

Watch the Belly Dancers move like snakes to the beat of the rhythmic drums....

Time for a snack! Pickle in a barrel, perhaps?


It's not Renaissance Fair without some Turkey Drumsticks!!

Won't you have some? 
I don't mind sharing :-D

Let's see, 
There is so much to do!!

I have an idea!
Let's stroll through the 

It was so enchanting watching the fairies and children communicate 
through chirps and giggles XD

Do YOU believe in 

Watch this video I put together of the magical fairy garden
and just MAYBE you will ;-)

It was nice meeting my new friends
but now I must attend 

Go Knight Go!

Enjoying the Joust with my love...

One more pickle for the road....

Last stop is the bagpipe jubilee!!

What an enchanting magical day, 
meeting very kindred spirits along the way!
But now it is time to close my eyes, 
for the dream is ending...

Hopefully it won't be too long 
Before I return to the magickal realm of the fairy
and all of their beauty...
The land of Bellydancing Gypsies, Shakespeare reciting noblemen, bagpipe playing boys, 
& hula hooping girls... 

A "Hazaah!" for each merry drink we indulge!

Cheers to next year!

The photo credits go to both Avi & I

Watch the video of the best moments of this Renaissance Fair!


Dena Miller said...

Looks like you had a great time!!! Jimi and I go to the Pittsburgh Rens Fest every Year..we are so into it!!!

Justina said...

Hi Dena,
Yea! We can't wait to go back this year!!! :-) It's always a great time!!!