Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Weekend: A Headcold + Garden Spells & Cupcakes = ALL BETTER! :-)

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about my weekend!
I had come down with a little head cold and couldn't bring myself to do anything but snuggle up and pick up one of the many books on my MAGICKAL BOOKCASE!

I had started reading "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen, awhile ago, and last time I tried reading it, I got halfway through it, and then life got in the way as usual! So I just never got around to finishing it.  I just got the urge to pick it up and give it another go.  I remembered a lot of things from it, but I started from the beginning anyway and I finally finished it TODAY after 4 days! 


It's one of those books that I can only hope they will make a movie out of...
I had a really fun time picturing the characters in my head as I was reading it.
Here is what I came up with, feel free to disagree but these are just MY personal casting choices:

Claire - Ginnifer Goodwin
Sydney- Isla Fisher
Bay - Mia Hays 
Evanelle - Judi Dench
Emma - Carrie Underwood 
Hunter John - Paul Walker
Ariel - Faith Hill 
Tyler - James Franco
Henry - Toby Maguire
Lester - Scott Wilson
Fred- Chad Lowe
James -  Michael C Hall 
David - Alfred Molina

I just loved getting lost in this quaint little enchanted world! 
All the talk of herbs & gardens really made me want to be out around the natural elements!

The bumble bees bury themselves in the mint flowers!
The minty sweet smell captivates them,  they don't even seem to mind that I got up too close to take a picture!

There is magic surrounding the fairy pond ...
Can you see it!?!? It's all around!!

The book made me want to grow a mischeivious apple tree!!
Could you IMAGINE a tree who's fruit gave you crystal visions of the biggest event in your life, when taking a bite!?!

Not quite an apple tree, but here is an ever growing fig tree!

These garden tomatoes are starting to ripen on the vine!
These were grown from seeds given to us by my grandmother!
She is an expert tomato gardener, the love in the seeds she gave us seemed to nurture our garden with abundance this year! Can't wait to eat one!

If I made some flower petal wine, 
Do you think I would be able to fix broken relationships, or see in the dark?
What kind of powers do you think these bright pink petals would have?
They are so playful and cheery! 

All of this gardening is making me so 

How about this delectable treat?!?!?

Avi had a sweet tooth on the way home from our little field trip to Chester where we went in the little consignment shops with unique art and handmade crafts.  We also had a nice sushi dinner which was so yummy! The stinging wasabi helped to clear my sinuses just a bit with my head cold! 

It was also his sister's 14th birthday, so it was the perfect idea to stop at a local bakery for some enchanted cupcakes!! 

I just had to have the blue one!

Avi settled for the orange one! 
We gave his sister the pink one, my mom the yellow one, his mom took the white one, 
and there was just one chocolate left standing!


What a SUGAR HIGH!!!
We finished off our confections with a nice glass of iced water 
with fresh mint from the garden!! 

It is getting late now, 
Time to blow out the candles & lanterns 
and get ready for another day!

Garden Spells inspired me so much!

And did I mention, 
After reading the magical book & satisfying my sweet tooth 
(plus many bowls of soup, dollops of wasabi, TBSPns of Vicks Daytime, and vitamin/supplements later), 
I actually feel MUCH BETTER!! 
It may have been allergies, whatever it was, I'm glad it's 

I cannot wait to pick up SAA's other book 

Thanks for reading!
Till next time..


Thesestars said...

I'm enchanted. I'm going to look for Garden Spells and immerse myself in some magic, can we replace DeFranco for Tatum Channing?

Justina said...

OHhhhhhh Renee!! You MUST read it! It's so enchanting!!! I think Channing Tatum might be to clean cut and manly man for Tyler's character... Tyler is a professor of art... I think he has to be a little quirky, I thought James Franco suited that part well... Just read it, and see who you think should play each part!!