Monday, July 22, 2013

Poison Ivy - Magickal Shoes & Makeup

Hello Lovelies!

So I wanted to do another retrospect post about some of the things I've done in the past year, and then I remembered today that I had these on a memory card, that I never got around to editing!!!

How could I have forgotten about these 

So let me tell you a little bit abou these shoes....
My friend Marie called me up one day and asked me if I could help her put together a Halloween costume for 

I told her OF COURSE I WOULD!!
So she came over, and she had a leotard that she wanted me to hot glue hundreds of these fake ivy leaves onto.  This was a very tricky task, and I am so upset I didn't take pictures of the actual leotard, because I was probably the most tedious thing I have ever hot glued in my life (and that says a lot, being I have hot glued A LOT of things in my life!) But I am always up for a costume challenge, and since I was not going all out with my own costume for 2012 as I had spent all of my money on my Salem trip, I thought getting my hands dirty with someone else's costume was probably the closest I was going to get to dressing up this year. I even burnt my finger pretty badly in the process, like the glue fused to my skin, and it was so hot that when I went to peel off what I thought was glue, it was actually the skin, and I had a huge hole in my pointer finger. But the show, must go on! We had a costume to finish! I cleaned it out, neosporined it, and slapped a bandaid on that bad boy and got right back to work! 

The leotard was such a pain in the butt to get done, that when I got to doing the shoes, it was actually a treat for me because I had the most perfect vision for them.  They were just an old pair of black heels that she had, so I painted them with a hunter green acrylic, and then put a coat of emerald green glitter shine.  We had some leftover leaves and tendrils from the ivy garland we bought from the craft store, so I coated those leaves with the green glitter glaze as well.  I also had some moss from my birdhouses, and some emerald and ruby rhinestones for extra bling! I put the shoes together for her after she went home, so I couldn't wait to see her reaction when she came over the next time! 

She LOVED them!!

Here is Marie with the eyepieces we made for her as well.
We used a pattern that she found online for the eyepieces, and the material that we used was just some foam sheets.  We actually found some emerald green glitter foam sheets pre made, which we used for the base, and just plain green foam sheet that we used for the top leaves which we painted gold, and accented with green glitter pen for the leaf veins.

I did her eye makeup as well
and she dyed her hair the bright red, which contrasts so nicely with all of the green elements of the costume!!! It wasn't MY costume, but I definitely took pride in being able to make her dream costume come together exactly how she envisioned it!

Who knows what we will piece together this year! 
I hope you enjoyed looking at these dazzling shoes!!
She sure got a lot of compliments on her costume and I was happy to be a part of it,
 burnt finger and all!! 


Dena Miller said...

Dig the shoes!!! Great job Justina♥

Justina said...

Thanks so much Dena ! They were so much fun to make! I think I will definitely design more pairs of costume shoes in the future!

Carmen said...

I love this costume! I wish I could see the whole thing, but the shoes and eye pieces are so magical and they look awesome against her red hair. :-)

Justina said...

Thank You Carmen! :-) Thank You for stopping by !