Thursday, July 18, 2013

I always start thinking of Halloween in the middle of summer...

So I figured since I haven't really posted much in the past year or so, I would at least enlighten you all to what I have been up to, well at least with the really cool things I have gotten to do! One of my FAVORITE moments was visiting Salem, Massachusetts in October.  We didn't go ON Halloween week/end, we went a week or 2 before, so things were happening BUT it wasn't overly crowded which was nice. 

Also Photo Credit to MOST of these photos goes to Avi, and his instagramming capabilities, because I am still an ancient one, and have a woodburning phone (aka not a smart phone).

Avi and I on the car ride down...

We didn't actually stay IN salem, we stayed about 15 minutes or so away.  The drive into Salem from there wasn't actually bad.

The first night there, we had actually gotten tickets to see Evil Dead The Musical at LynnArts, a little theater on the outskirts of Salem (in Lynn).  This is me SUPER excited! We even got ponchos for the blood zone, and got sprayed at the end... It was GREAT! 

The next day we did a lot of site seeing, and walked around the square checking out the vendors, museums, bought some souvenirs and learned ALOT about the witch trials.

I just had to have this witch hat headband, and I wore it around Salem the whole time we visited!

This was part of a court yard full of many benches just like this one, all engraved with the names of the accused.  Alot of people left flowers, and even some left notes to them.  We took tons of pictures of these benches. 

Light up floor in the Salem Witch Museum.

Statue outside of the Salem Witch Museum
First settler of Salem — at Roger Conant Statue.

This is Danni & Max Dennison's House 

from the movie Hocus Pocus, 

This house actually sits by the water 

on Ocean Avenue in Salem.

    These people probably thought we were stalkers :-x

On the way to Harvest Fest, I saw these 3 witches on a

bench, and thought it was the PERFECT picture! 

We had bought a lot of our tickets in advance for things, and Avi being an avid beer connoisseur, I just knew we had to do HARVEST FEST! They have all kinds of Beer, Wine, & Mead, local to New England, and Salem.  It was like 20 bux a ticket, and all you can drink for 2 1/2 hours, 

The tickets came with a complimentary Harvest Fest 

glass, and light refreshments.


Chugging to get in one last glass before last call! 

Avi is sad it's last call already :-(


Getting our caricature done in the square

The end result! 

Salem at night is everything I thought it would be... 
Luminous and soft glowing with orange lights all over the place...
You can FEEL the spirit in the air.
This picture was taken right before we went on a candlelit haunted ghost walk....

I love this photo so much that I just had to Monsterfy us!

We seriously did SOOOO much in Salem in just 3 days, I can't even remember the order in which we did everything.  Our itinerary was VERY detailed and organized due to me being a bit OCD, LOL!

We also did The People VS. Bridget Bishop in which they did a reenactment, and we got to decide based on the actors testimonies whether they were guilty or not.

Some other things we did during our visit was Ghost Stories at The Witch House, Wax Figure Replicas at the Witch Dungeon Museum, We ate at The Great Escape which was an old jail refurbished into a 5 star restaurant (the food was AMAZING!) We also saw a show called Scary Mary & the Audio Corset at Salem Theater, and also another Special Effects Ghost Show. Next time we go, we REALLY want to drive down to the Pickering Wharf and check out the House of 7 Gables! That's like the ONLY thing we did not get to do.  There were also a number of clubs and balls that we did not attend because they were a bit more out of our price range.  Maybe next time...

Well that was my October 2012 Hilight!! 

Can't wait for next Halloween!

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