Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hello ALL!!!!!

I know, I know, it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have updated about ANYTHING... So I am going to try to do a post after this one, updating the past year or so. :-( ... I know, I suck, I am a horrible human being LOL... I have led all of my followers to a dead end, not keeping up with posts, so I am going to try to post more often, but a little thing called life keeps sweeping me away with the current, and I get caught up doing other things.... But me oh my! How time flies! Last time I updated was a month or so shy of a year ago... SHAME ON ME!! But I miss you all so much, and I have been feeling a little domestic lately.

Today I tried a recipe that I just had to share with you all...
A friend of mine from LA had actually made us these one night, back in 2009, and I remember them being SOOOO yummy! Today on my way back home from work (I work till noon on most days), I was thinking of what I should have for lunch, and then I realized I had a can of tuna.  I am trying to eat less carbs, my pasta gut is starting to grow too attached (it thinks we're friends).... But I am currently giving it the silent treatment (well, for today anyway).. maybe if I ignore it enough by not feeding it more carbs everyday, maybe , JUST MAYBE it will go away LOL! 

So I tried this low carb recipe for Tuna Burgers! The only carbs involved were the breadcrumbs to hold the mixture together, o well... Well here is a recipe, I kinda just winged it, but they came out SOOOO GOOD! EVEN WITHOUT THE BREAD! (I didn't eat them with a bun, but if you want to, feel free!)


1 Can of Tuna
1 Egg
Italian Seasoned Breadcrumbs
Chili Powder
Wercestershire Sauce
One Celery Stalk
Half of a small onion
Earth Balance Vegan Butter to grease the pan 
( I am not a vegan, but I LOVE this butter, and it's GUILT FREE! You may use regular butter to grease the pan if you please!)
Cast Iron Skillet

1. Drain the canned tuna and place it into medium sized bowl
2. Fine mince your celery and onion 
(You can even add minced bell pepper, but I didn't have any on hand today)
3. Add your one egg, along with the mayo, breadcrumbs, chili powder & onion/celery
(I added the mayo and breadcrumbs until I was happy with the consistency. The mixture should remain clumpy, not runny)
4. Add a few dashes of your Wercestershire sauce
5 Salt & Pepper that baby!
6. Mix everything up and start forming your patties. 1 can of tuna should give you 4 patties!
7. Heat up your cast iron skillet with a little butter in it to grease it so the patties don't stick
Be extra CAREFUL when placing them into the pan, they are super delicate and you don't want them to fall apart! (I used 2 spatulas to help with the flippage) 
8. Cook on each side until golden brown and crispy.
9. Serve either on a bun, or you can eat it bunless as well. Feel free to add any condiments of your choice, you can top with lettuce, tomato, onion, and ketchup.


If anyone tries this, please do let me know how you liked them!! :-) 
Thanks to my friend Jacob for introducing me to tuna burgers!

Til next time....



Anonymous said...

This sounds delicious! It is funny because I stopped blogging for a while and today is the first day I am back! Good to know I have not missed any posts! Welcome back!

Marie Angelique

Justina said...


Thank you so much for stopping by!! I dare you to try this recipe :-) It is super YUMMY!!! Hope you enjoy it!
Welcome back to you as well!! Here's to trying to post more! lol


Dena Miller said...

Love Tuna Burgers!!!!!! Make them with a special sauce that I serve on top of them.. My family always wants more! Will have to try your recipe too♥

Justina said...

Thanks for stopping by Dena!! I'd like to try yours too! And you are going to have to tell me about this special sauce of yours ! :-D
Justina <3